Swing Out Wall Racks

    Swing Out Wall Mount Rack Enclosures 

   middle atlantic kendall howard  from Kendall Howard

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   Kendall Howard Linier Swing Out Wall Mount Cabinets

    6U wall mount cabinet
  • Swings out 90 degrees
  • Locking Plexiglas front door
  • Rack fan included
  • 23.75 inches of depth
  • Integrated venting system
  • Universal square hole rack rails
Vendor Mfg. Part #
Depth Lbs. Capacity
Rack Rails
Kendall Howard
3130-3-001-06 6U 23.75"
150 lbs.  Cage Nut 
Kendall Howard 3130-3-001-09 9U 23.75" 150 lbs.  Cage Nut  $376.00
Kendall Howard 3130-3-001-12 12U 23.75" 150 lbs.  Cage Nut  $411.00
Kendall Howard 3130-3-001-15 15U 23.75" 150 lbs.  Cage Nut  $452.00
Kendall Howard 3130-3-001-18 18U 23.75" 150 lbs.  Cage Nut  $505.00
Kendall Howard 3130-3-001-22 22U 23.75" 150 lbs.  Cage Nut  $552.00

  *EIA Certifed
  *19" Rack Mounts

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