Picture of Middle Atlantic 19 inch Custom Rack Mount Shelves

Middle Atlantic 19 inch Custom Rack Mount Shelves


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Middle Atlantic RSH Custom Rackmount Shelves for 19 inch Rack Enclosures

Middle Atlantic's RSH Series custom rack shelves are available in black brushed and anodized or black textured powdercoat


                  Specifications                Applications
            RSH custom shelves fit 19" racks
                  Rackmount height: 2U - 10U                     Audio/Video components
            Includes shelf + custom faceplate                   Mounting Width: 19 inches                     Xbox 360, PS3, DVR, Amps etc.
            Base and sides are vented
                  Internal width  17 3/8 inches                     For A/V, home theater racks
            Includes L-Brackets
                  External width: 22.5 inches
               Any 19 inch wide rack mount
            Includes assembly hardware
                  Weight Capacity: Up to 85 lbs
               Sleek, clean finish



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