Picture of 3U x 16 in. D Rackmount Shelf

3U x 16 in. D Rackmount Shelf

Kendall Howard part # 1906-1-003-03

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Kendall Howard #1906-1-003-03 - 3U x 16 in. D Solid Rackmount Shelf

Kendall Howard's 1906-1-003-03 - 3U front flush mount rack shelf gives 16 inches of depth for routers, switches, modems etc. 


RMU Spaces                    3U                                    
Rack Mount Depth
16 inches
Rack Mount Width
19 inches
Mounting Style 2 Point
Weight Capacity
150 lbs.
Black Powdercoat

Technical Notes: Flush mount mounting style

Applications: 19" Rack mount and secure network, IT, and audio/video equipment

Application Shots:

swing out rack

*Equipment not included

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